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Quality of Working Life SSCTF

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Southern California Coordinators' Task Force
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Quality of Work Life

Los Angeles Processing & Distribution Center

7001 South Central Avenue - Room 213

Los Angeles, California 90052

Plant Manager – Virginia Tovar


Ti Juana Chapple

Verna Wesson-Smith

Local Joint Steering Committee

Shirley Smith – Co-Chair

Javier Valencia – Co-Chair

Linda Thompson-Hicks

Lorraine Lucero

Elvis South

Jeffrey Shepherd

Jermaine Drane

Rey Mero


Quality Circles &

 Circle Projects

Trendsetter’s Solving Problems –

Employee’s Retail Center

Featuures:Stamps and Other

Post Sevices

When Every Pay Day Friday only

When: 6 am-8 am+2:30 pm-5:30

Where: Employee Parking Lot

The Perfect Match –

Emergency Practice Drills

Millennium Diversity Creators –

Fans on AI Machines

Circle of Minds –

Emergency Contact Numbers

Untouchable "A" Team –

Identifying DBCS Machines Mc Kinley

Dock Truck Raiders –

Enclosed Break Areas

The New Addition –

Dock Stall Identification Signs

PC&C Creators –

Florence Dock Mirrors

May The QWL Process Continue To Be With You



Quality of Working Life
in USPS South Calif