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Quality of Working Life SSCTF

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Southern California Coordinators' Task Force
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San Diego MLS P&DC QWL Process

“Working Together, Striving Towards Excellence”


Process Coordinators –

            Bruce B. Hanlon

            Robert N. “Bob” Davidson II


Process Facilitators –

Mary June Russell         QWL Facilitator, MLS T-I

Ken Smith                     QWL Facilitator, Midway T-III/I


LJSC Co-Chairs –

            Robert Bryant, Manager – Midway P&DF

            Norberto “Bob” Monzon – Branch President, Local 303 NPMHU


LJSC Members –

John Bertolina               Senior Plant Manager San Diego District

Barbara Plunkett                    Senior, M:DO San Diego Plants

Martin Graham  Manager: Maintenance Ops T-II, MLS

Brian Bodden                S:DO MLS T-I

Lee Murphy                  Chief Shop Steward, MLS NPMHU T-I

Roy Gant                      Chief Shop Steward, MLS NPMHU T-II

Rechell Williams            Mail Handler, Midway T-II

Aaron Anderson            Mail Handler, MLS T-III



San Diego MLS P&DC Quality Circles and Self Directed Work Teams (SDWT)


OutKasts Circle

AI Invaders SDWT

Midnight Owls SDWT

Combined Minds Circle

OutKasts Circle

m’AI’l Handles SDWT

Two Bit Tow Circle

Act One Scene One SDWT

Can Do Crew SDWT

Flats ‘R’ Us SDWT


Top Hats SDWT

Hard Chargers SDWT

First Generation SDWT

Quality Crew Circle

Innovators Circle

Moonlighters SDWT

Star Warriors Circle

X-Men Circle

Generation X SDWT

010 Task Force Circle

San Diego Midway P&DF Quality Circles and Self Directed Work

Teams (SDWT)

APPS Busters Circle    

Pluggers Circle

Midways Best Circle

Team APPS Circle





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Quality of Working Life
in USPS South Calif